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As well as personal qualities, including the ability to actually listen and avoid judging others, in my opinion, experience and training are needed.

Training gives the necessary skills, to guide without advisor, have a variety of methods to support customers and know how to take one's own problems in the photo. When it comes to experimenting, many training courses have students practice one another, while other courses encourage or need students to contact friends, family or colleague for Find volunteer guinea pigs!

Coaching is not currently regulated, quite that, technically, everyone can call you a coach, but you are much more likely to avoid harmful practices and help people reach the change they wish, if you have training and experience. If you are looking for the best life coach then you can check out this link.

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There are many good reputation training providers, but unfortunately also some doubtful. Make sure you ask questions about training providers on what is important to you in a course. 

Some training providers offer in-person learning, while some offer remote learning and others offer a mix. Most courses seem to vary between 16 hours and nine months, so it is possible to choose something that suits your preference, but do not expect to learn more than an introduction with a very short course.

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