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Caring for fish requires a fair amount of equipment, and sometimes a lot, depending on the particular aquarium setup you are interested in. Regardless of the type of tank you want, there are a few basic supplies that are essential for keeping your fish happy and healthy.

Basic Aquarium Equipment You Will Need:

  • Suitable Size Aquarium
  • Circulation Pump For Air Or Water
  • Correct Filter System
  • Gravel Or Another Substrate
  • Heating
  • Aquarium lighting

The first thing to decide is the size, shape, and material of the aquarium to buy. Obviously, the smaller one is cheaper, but be careful not to overfill the small tank. You can also buy ecotech vortech mp60 online via

A general estimate is about 1 inch of fish per gallon. Larger tanks also require special supports which, although they are more expensive, add to the overall appeal of the tank.

Choosing an aquarium of an unusual shape or style is a matter of personal preference. Creative shapes can add great visual appeal, but they usually cost more and sometimes prevent the use of certain devices you might want in the future.

Then you need a water or air pump. Fish need good oxygen and this comes from movement in the water. A simple air pump that releases tiny bubbles is only sufficient for the aquarium, but other, more specific types may require additional circulation from a more powerful pump.

Filtration is important to keep the water clean. The biological and mechanical filtration methods are endless, but a drip filter mounted on the back of the tank is sufficient for most setups. If you want more filtration the options are numerous, including box filters.

There are many tools and methods aquarists can use to properly test, filter, and care for aquatic life. Especially if you intend to protect some of the more difficult species you will find in saltwater or planted aquariums. Please inspect each animal before accepting it to make sure it is receiving the care it needs.

Basic Aquarium Equipment: What You Really Need