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Home lighting in any house or house is determined by the following combination:

Natural light: No one will claim that sunlight is the most preferred light source because it is free and offers a variety of natural colors from morning to evening. So for natural lighting, make sure you have windows on both sides of your apartment. 

Artificial ambient lighting: For lighting in small apartments there are many types of rgb flood lights that provide lighting for the task. For example, there is a small lamp above your outer door on the ceiling; However, its main function is to keep your light on when you open the door so you can enter easily and quickly.

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Work lighting: In home lighting, other lamps obviously have a specific purpose. For example, table lamps are preferable to floor lamps for lighting because they save little space. We also recommend using fluorescent lights that can be installed under kitchen cabinets. They also don't take up much space.

Accent lighting: For lighting, accent lighting can be thought of as a small light luminaire attached to a wall. These are also known as wall lamps. In home lighting, the main purpose of such lamps is usually to highlight a decorative element or other piece of art on the wall. In home lighting, sometimes in attics, people often use monorail lighting to create a combination of accent, task, and ambient lighting.

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