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In the past, when it came to custody, we only thought of children in divorce decisions, but as pet ownership increased and pets became loved family members, pet custody became a major concern. You can now look for the best animal rights mediation via

Does it harm animals to have two homes after a divorce?

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Two countries have even gone so far as to enact laws that maintain some form of custody of family pets. Although pets are still privately owned in most states, Illinois and Alaska are making progress and enacting farm laws that look at pet rights from a different perspective.

Solutions, solutions, solutions:- A fight over who owns a pet can be just as ugly as a custody dispute. Pets are members of the family and are treated that way for most people. For several years, courts have provided pet owners with payments for custody, visits and benefits. Rewards for heredity or belief in pet care are not uncommon.

California courts that still regard animals as property cannot grant custody of partners. Courts only have the right to determine ownership of animals, and the primary interests of animals need not be taken into account. 

Spouses are expected to decide how custody, visitation and care work. When a couple can make a mutual decision about what is best for the pet, agreement can be reached. However, if there is no disagreement, it may be time for a third party to step in.

Mediate your path to successful pet sharing:- A qualified divorce mediator will act as a neutral third party and guide the couple through the separation process by carefully considering any divorce matters.

Animal Rights – A Big Problem in Divorce