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Job training programs are conducted by various organizations and government institutions in order to guide and provide training to people so as to build their business and personal skills, making them qualified for a particular job. In today's world, you have to interact with upper management when you are in the workplace.

Apart from that, you might have to interact with customers, vendors, and outside business partners hence, for such instances you need to develop some skills in order to increase your productivity.

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Training can be categorized into two main types namely; on-the-job and off-the-job. On-the-job training programs are best suited in giving appropriate training of skills related to employee's job i.e. enhancing an employee's skills in their core competence areas. On-the-job training methods are usually conducted at the employee's workplace area.

On the other hand, off-the-job training programs are usually conducted when employees are taken away from their workplace to be trained. Common examples of such programs can be workshops, internships, conferences etc.

Companies do not only provide training sessions for their employees but for students as well, to prepare them for future jobs. Some of the job training programs are listed below:

Mentoring: This is when a senior or an experienced employee already working in a certain company guides and advises newly hired employees.

Workshops: Various workshops are conducted by companies to enhance your IT, presentation, communication, and managing skills, etc.

Job rotation: Job rotation is another common job training program in which employees are rotated from department to department. The main purpose behind job rotation is to make the employees familiar with the working and management of every department from where they can learn about different skills and further broaden their scope about the job area.

All About Job Training Programs