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Today, more and more internet users are interested in spending more time browsing and sharing online videos on Google, Yahoo, and YouTube, as well as other popular video-sharing websites. Here are some of the findings from a recent study that shows Internet users' increasing engagement with published videos:

• Cisco Systems announced that online video currently accounts for 40 percent of all consumer Internet traffic today. In addition, Cisco plans to increase this share to 62 percent by 2015.

• As recently revealed by YouTube, they get around 3 billion views per day, which is almost half of the world's population.

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As a result, more and more internet-savvy website owners are considering integrating ads into their websites to help visitors stay longer and have a better chance of becoming repeat users. In addition, business owners choose to integrate video into their websites because of the following benefits:

• They increase branding and customer loyalty;

• They help improve website SEO and target keyword rankings;

• Properly optimized online audiovisual imaging helps users find products and/or services;

• Online users looking for a business, product or service can be inspired by the presentation;

Creating high-quality, impactful ads that differentiate your product or service from the competition often requires the creativity and experience of a team of experienced professionals. For this, you can hire video companies who have professional knowledge of distributed video system installation.

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