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Air compressors need clean air with the help of filters, just like trucks or cars, without the right air compressor, the engine can be damaged and its life can be shortened. 

While you may think they are not that important, these air filters are much more important, a lot of your business or industry depends on them. You can also browse https:/ to purchase air compressors.

Industrial Air Compressor

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In the same way, the air from the air compressor filter – the oil entering the filter is also very important. The air compressor filter protects your compressor from outside dust and dirt. 

This is very important because all the dust sucked in by the air compressor ends up in:

Oil separator

This is not a good thing because it can, and most importantly, decrease compressor life and performance, increase maintenance costs, reduce compressor element life, and increase your energy costs.

Always check the air compressor filter when changing the oil regularly. If you think you need to replace the filter, don't hesitate, otherwise, you may end up with an expensive repair due to infrequent engine lubrication.

Take another example, most of the dust is filtered by the air purifier oil filter, but if the oil filter is clogged, then what happens? The oil filter has an internal bypass valve and if the pressure difference across the oil filter becomes too large, the bypass valve opens and directs unfiltered oil to the screw and bearing elements.

Increased pressure drop across the oil separator reduces compressor performance and increases energy costs.

Air Compressor Is More Important than You Think