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A Little History began its life as Charlottechurch.NET on December 27,2009. The original site, developed by Mark, was simply intended to be a small fan page that focused on Charlotte.  Things didn’t stay that way for long. After being online for only 2 weeks the site had over 1000 unique visitors and had developed a following around the world. It became clear then that the site could become much more than just a fan page, instead it could serve as the voice of the entire online fan community for Charlotte.

This would not be easy however since the site in its previous form was never intended to serve such a purpose. In order for this dream to become a reality needed to have its own domain and proper investment to ensure its success. Things fell into place when Mark met Joe through one of the many Charlotte Church fan message boards.

Joe wanted to start a domain of his own but he wanted to have the depth and content of the previous site. To accomplish this the two merged to create Things moved swiftly as the initial funding for the domain was provided by the new producer of the site Joe.

After about 2 months of the development the site was ready to launch on February 20,2000. During this time a staff of over 15 Charlotte Agents were formed. These Charlotte Agents allow to have a truly global reach by providing news and viewpoints from around the world. 

Site Focus is intended to be the online voice for Charlotte Fans around the world. This is facilitated through a staff of over 15 Charlotte Agents who keep a lookout for Charlotte news around the world.  In addition to this has affiliations with the top Charlotte message boards on the web as well as the only IRC chatroom devoted to Charlotte Church, Charlottechurch on Undernet IRC.

The goals for the site are pretty clear now, we want to be the absolute best at what we do and we will never be satisfied until we are. We would also like to have better integration with Sony’s own site as well and possibly even official fan page status in the future.