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In this article, we are going to present you with a list of softwares that you can use to create a bootable USB drive. You can use these programs to install operating systems or create Live USB drives. There are many programs for creating bootable USB drives from ISO files. While some programs allow you to create a bootable USB drive for a single OS, others allow you to create bootable USB drives for multiple operating systems. So, here are our top picks.


Rufus is the fastest software on our list. Rufus Portable is known as the best program to create bootable USB drives. Rufus is not limited to bootable USB drives, it also can create bootable SD cards and external hard drives. Rufus Portable is one of the lightest of all softwares in a similar category. Pete Batard developed this amazing tool and he distributed it free of charge. Rufus also has a portable version that allows you to use the program without actually installing it on your PC. Rufus also has the ability to download ISO files within the software, automatically detect the plugged USB drive and download almost any ISO file. It also supports multiple file systems including FAT, FAT32, NTFS, UDF, and ExFAT.

Win32 Disk Imager

If you are looking for a Rufus alternative, Win32 Disk Imager is another great option. Unlike Rufus, it requires you to run the installation to install this software. The installation process quickly and automatically creates a shortcut on the desktop. The best part about this software is it updates so often than Rufus. In our opinion, Disk Imager isn’t ideal for novice users. When compared to Rufus, Win32 Disk Imager has a little bit complicated UI. When it comes to formatting low-level devices, that’s where Win32 Disk Imager shines. It also can create multiple partitions on a USB flash drive. We recommend Win32 Disk Imager for advanced users.

Universal USB Installer

This tool is offered by Pen Drive Linux. You can use the Universal USB Installer to create both Linux and Windows bootable USB drives. It is more focused on Linux. Because of that, Universal USB Installer is favored by the Linux community. It enables users to make a fully functional bootable USB flash drive using an ISO image from a supported Linux distro. It has very limited compatibility for file systems. It only supports FAT32 and NTFS file systems. The best thing about Universal USB Installer is that it is free to use and open source like all of the previous softwares we mentioned. 


This software is also a great choice to create a bootable USB drives. It seems like most of the people don’t know about this software yet. This is a free tool and does not require any installation. However, the .NET Framework must be installed in order to use this software. With this tool, you can create bootable USB drives for Windows only. This is the only downside of this software. Other than that, it is a fabulous software that does what it says on the tin.

A List Of Open-Source Softwares To Create Bootable USB Drives
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