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A Facebook Chatbot is a free tool which enables users to chat with Facebook bot users from around the globe. Bot features include sending automated messages, posting of new content in Facebook pages, images, and short videos, among many others. However, the most popular feature of Facebook Messenger Bot is its ability to translate natural conversations between Facebook users into text. This is possible thanks to Facebook's integration of chatbot technologies. Chatbot technology allows Facebook Messenger Bot to detect specific keywords from conversations and automatically translate these keywords into the text.

Facebook Messenger Bot provides a great opportunity for businesses to promote their products to potential customers. Since Messenger bots are equipped with high-quality translation capabilities, it enables businesses to reach customers across different cultures, national boundaries, educational levels, skill sets, and age groups. Bots also provide businesses with the opportunity to reach out to people who do not necessarily have an account with Facebook, such as those who use Yahoo Messenger, Gmail, Black Messenger, or Twitter. This aspect of Messenger Bot makes it more useful for businesses who aim to sell products to targeted customers. Facebook Messenger Bot offers businesses a unique opportunity to reach out to a potentially larger number of customers than they would achieve by using their own websites, social media accounts, email lists, etc.

Because Messenger Bot allows you to focus on more than just one marketing channel, it can help you save time. While it can be tempting to take up several marketing email formats, Messenger Bot can help you save time by only sending promotional emails relevant to the contents of your Inbox. By combining your Inbox with a marketing email list, you can ensure that you are sending only promotional content, which will result in more conversions.

When using Facebook Messenger Bot, you have the ability to personalize your bot experience according to your preferences. Unlike regular Facebook chat bots, chat robots on Facebook can be set to send out similar messages based on your input. This feature makes it easier for users to create custom messages that are more meaningful to them. This personalization is especially helpful if you are looking to target businesses based on their mobile apps, as your marketing emails might not be appropriate if sent through regular email formats.

This feature takes marketing emails and Facebook replies one step further. After you've identified which promotional messages are more likely to be responded to, you can re-engage customers in conversations by using the bot's "rewind" function. The bot will return to the person you are speaking to and allow them to respond to your message by clicking the relevant button. This feature provides businesses with the ability to re-engage customers at any point in time, allowing them to remind the recipient about an upcoming product launch, update, or news story. Additionally, if the Facebook user is not signed in, this functionality allows you to capture that person's profile information so that you can contact them later on when necessary.

The final application of Facebook Messenger Bot is its ability to use third-party applications to provide users with relevant content. For example, you may have the bot insert a link into a Facebook post that points back to a blog entry you wrote earlier in the day. If you have a premium Facebook app, this link could direct readers to that blog so that they can see more information about whatever it is that you are promoting. In this way, Facebook Messenger Bot can help promote your business in a completely organic way.

Since the launch of Facebook Chatbot, there has been a great deal of speculation that the bot system is falling victim to a sort of spam syndrome. Bots are being used to drive up the number of sign-ups for Facebook, but with each new box designed for a different social platform, the number of spam-worthy conversations increases. This worry is unfounded, however, as bot developers are working hard to make sure that their systems do not cause the sort of chaos that spam causing software such as SpamTitan causes on Facebook. By designing Facebook Messenger Bot so that it only engages in conversation with real people who have chosen to respond to it, Facebook is ensuring that chats are both relevant and natural.

So what can we make of the Facebook Messenger Bot? Although it still has some rough edges, like all new technology, it seems to be on its way to taking over the conversation between Facebook and its users. With its highly intuitive interface and the integration of applications for a variety of platforms, hootsuite inbox will find a home on all of those devices where Facebook messages will likely travel. In addition, the Bot is likely to cause quite a bit less stress for users overall, which is always a good thing.

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