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To buy backlinks is quite a popular topic on the internet today. It is an extremely useful article marketing strategy that is quickly becoming more popular as more article directories become active. However, there is also a common misconception when it comes to trading backlinks with other webmasters. You should always do some research into how well the backlinks you're buying will benefit you, and whether or not they'll help you in your article's marketing strategy.

The first thing you should know about buying backlinks is that they can be picked up by the search engines. Yes, the search engines, namely Google. It isn't necessarily a good thing but the fact is you can buy backlinks from very high authority websites. If the website owners have a decent amount of authority they will be able to pick up your backlinks faster than established websites or blogs. With that said, you still need to have content worthy of being placed in those websites.

Another reason people link this is because they think that they will be able to get better rankings with them. I'm sorry to burst your bubble but it just isn't true. It does take time to learn the different ways of using the different types of backlink packages and forums. I'm going to show you below some of the tried and proven techniques that I use on a daily basis to promote my websites without breaking the bank. These are the ones that work and work quite well.

One of the best ways to buy follow backlinks cheaply is through forums. There are hundreds of high-quality forums out there that allow you to place backlinks on your blog for free. All you have to do is pick a couple of the best forums to post your backlinks and start promoting. The more posts and threads you make the higher the probability that someone will click on your links. The reason you want to make sure you post quality content and get high-quality backlinks to the forums are twofold.

If you want to buy backlinks cheap and avoid spam then the best way to do it is by getting involved in a couple of the popular guest post forums. You can start by making a few posts under a specific topic and contributing to the discussion. This will get you noticed because most people in these forums love guest posts from people with authority.

Another way to buy backlinks cheap is through social bookmarking. You basically place a link to your website into a text file with the title being Bookmarked, include a few short comments, and put your URL in the comment box. This will get you some instant targeted traffic and help promote your website if you do it right.

In order to buy backlinks cheaply, you need to have a few different backlinks that are going to be used on a daily basis. You can go to a couple of the bigger directories like DMOZ and create some free backlinks from there. These backlinks can be in the form of anchor text links so make sure you place the correct anchor text keywords in each one of them.

The last and easiest way to buy backlinks cheap is through the use of edu backlinks. This is similar to guest post backlinks where you will be able to create some valuable content in edu sites like knowledge-online and create some backlinks to your site. The problem with edu backlinks though is that they are not as popular so your quality backlinks will not be as high. But it can help raise your rankings in the search engines and can give you a couple of hundred extra one-way backlinks for your site.

3 Ways to Create Cheap Backlinks