Charlotte Church Enthusiasm and Desire to Bring Change to the Education System

Not many people in the world who say are philanthropists are able to fulfil their promises. Many
will participate in charitable activities for personal gains but not to help or find ways to help
those in need. On the other hand, there is a group of philanthropists who will do anything no
matter the struggle to fulfil their objectives. Charlotte Church originally wrote on her blog:


In many occasions, celebrities are involved in charity works or embrace their philanthropic ways
to promote the welfare of others. Many have succeeded while others have failed miserably.
Charlotte Church is a good example of celebrities who are eager and more than willing to help
change the society and improve the lives of the needy in noble ways.

Charlotte has made clear her intentions to open a secondary school in South Wales near her
hometown, Cardiff. Born Charlotte Maria Reed, Charlotte Church is a Welsh actress, singer,
songwriter, television host and a political activist. She has sold over 10 million records
worldwide and her genre range from pop, indie rock, alternative rock to her childhood classical


Opening her own secondary school is a decision she is more than excited to work day and night
and achieve her dream. Writing on her blog, Charlotte made it clear that the way parents and
society teach their children is at best unsatisfactory and in some way damaging. Charlotte said
she is looking forward to finding helpful solutions to the deteriorating education system.

Charlotte’s sentiments and goals were also aired by BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour where she
clarified her intentions to open her own secondary school. She made it clear that this initiative is
something she is passionate about and she wants to be part of it for a long period of time. She
went on to share her feelings and expectations on social media and especially on Twitter.

Sheasked educators, tutors, parents, and children who wished to help her build her dream secondary
school to join hands and help achieve this dream.


The Welsh singer and songwriter perceive the current education system has inadequate and
represses children’s creativity and enthusiasm to study and learn more. By opening a secondary
school, she will not only benefit his close neighbours and friends in South Wales but also offer an
education alternative that is free, healthy and spearheaded by creative teachers.

Ms Church has used her blog to make it clear her intentions for opening the new school. She has
asked parents not to shy away and help change the obstinate education system that their children
have been going through. Personally, Charlotte Church attended the Howell’s school, which is an
independent girls school located in Llandaff region, Cardiff.

The good news is, Charlotte articulates that her school will be free and parents don’t have to
struggle to pay fees for their children. Besides being a free secondary school, Charlotte wants
learners to fall in love with school life, get creative and learn without much hassles.

Upon receiving this news, many people have voiced their support for the initiative and many
have urged Ms Church to go on and make her dream a reality. The Welsh government has also
welcomed her idea with a positive mindset. Through its spokesman, the Welsh government has
welcomed Charlotte Church enthusiasm to be part of the initiative to spearhead the national
mission of improving the Wale’s education sector.